Friday, 1 March 2013

25 Facts About Rachael

* My name is spelt with two a's - Rachael
* My birthday is the 17th of November and I am 20 (halfway to 40) *screams*
* I live with my mum, dad and younger brother in Belfast
* I currently have two pets - a golden brown rabbit called Lola, and a yorkshire terrier called Bailey

* I speak Spanish and French but would love to learn Italian and Portuguese aswell
* I have visited Spain every year since I was born
* My favourite TV shows are Prison Break, Supernatural and Gossip Girl
* I am a HUGE Guns n Roses fan, and love 80's music, Slash is one of the coolest people to walk the planet!
* I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for exactly 4 years this month!
* I am a full time student
* I previously worked fulltime for Sky
* The only female singer I would look up to as a role model is Shakira (which Amy and I saw in concert together)
* My favourite colour is Pink
* My favourite alcoholic beverages are Malibu&Coke, and Peach Schnapps&Lemonade
* I have no tattoos as of yet! I think I would get bored of one after a week and want it removed!
* I cut and dye my own hair and haven't been to a hairdresser in nearly 5 years! They never do it how I want it!
* My style influences are Mollie King, Olivia Palermo and Lauren Conrad
* I love Disney and cartoon movies
* I have been to Spain, France, Germany and I am going to Portugal in June
* My favourite shop is Zara
* I am addicted to lipstick, I think a bold lip can dramatically transform a whole outfit
* I love sports! I am a huge football fan and also love F1 and basketball
* My favourite cosmetics are Mac, Benefit and Bourjois Paris
* I don't really have a particular style, some days I will like to look very girly and other days I like the rock/grungy look
* My best friend is the co-owner of this blog, Amy :)

                                                                                           Rachael x


  1. To which part of Portugal are you coming? If you come near of my city I can give you a tour. :)
    Zara is my favourite shop ever! And your style influences are the same as mine (except Mollie King).

  2. Oh that's in the South, I live in the centre but you'll love it!
    And you have the lucky to have a cheaper Topshop than us :)

  3. great post honey, nice these photos :P


  4. I like to mix up my style too! :)

    The Style Rawr!