Monday, 8 June 2015

Kendall + Kylie at Topshop

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner recently released their clothing line for Topshop, Kendall + Kylie at Topshop. The theme surrounding their collection was inspired by "the typical L.A girl". There is a very laid back, beachy vibe to the collection, with an influx of floral prints, slogan tee's and crisp white detailed tops.

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There are a total of 15 pieces which have been released. Below is an overview of the total collection.

My first impressions; 

When I heard that the collection had been released I frantically opened my browser and typed in with excitement. I am a huge fan of both Kendall and Kylie and their unique style, with Kendall being the more sophisticated dresser and Kylie the more grungey. However, upon initially viewing the collection I was left a little disheartened. I think they have stayed well within the "safe" zone with very plain and basic designs. Nothing particularly jumped out at me. The colour palette is very basic with a prominent use of monochrome.

The more I look at the clothes the more I warm to them but again, I don't particularly love anything from the line. Each of the white tops are over £30 and even with the detailing, I cannot justify spending over £30 for what is essentially a plain white top. I also think it was unnecessary to include as many as 3 in the line.

The florals bring a refreshing lift to the line with some colour. However, I find the florals to be somewhat repetitive as there is 4 different types of clothing with the same black floral print and only 1 item in the white floral. I do think the white floral jumpsuit and the black floral shorts are nice, I would definitely wear these. The white jumpsuit is £55 which I think is slightly overpriced as the main target audience for the line would be teenagers.

My 3 favourite items from the line would be the black palazzo trousers which are sheer at the bottom, the grey slogan "If in doubt, vacation" sweater and the white duster coat. The white duster coat is the most expensive item retailing at £80. If I was to purchase anything I think it would have to be the grey sweater and the black palazzo trousers as I think they go really well together for a laid back look.

Overall, I think the collection is nice. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. It was not what I was expecting, as I would have liked to have seen more of Kylie's personal style shining through in the line, with more rock / grungey items. I think the collection they brought out for Pacsun had more of a variety of colour schemes, styles and is more affordable but I am excited to see how well this collection does over the coming months.

Click here to shop Kendall + Kylie at Topshop

Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on the collection and what piece is your favourite :)

Rachael x

Monday, 1 June 2015

Bank Holiday Buys Review! :)

So Rachael and I had a last minute shopping adventure into Belfast on Bank Holiday Monday and for once I didn't buy a nail polish (shock horror!!)  However I did manage to pick up a few little interesting buys as did she which I'm sure will feature in future blog posts :)

This is a quick little overview of my purchases! :) I have tried all of the items out this week so this is a little review aswell!

My first purchase was these beauties! The Cocoa & Shea butter shower gel and hand & body lotion from the Marks & Spencer's essentials range :) These smell absolutely amazing! I am a big fan of Shea butter and Cocoa butter scents separately but together they are even better! These smell like buttery chocolate! and for £1 each you really can't complain! :) I found these near a till area and think bath lotion may also be available :)

Next onto the Biore pore strips and Vaseline Spray & Go body moisturiser! I have read reviews and heard about Biore strips on the internet for a while and have wanted to try them! They are basically blackhead removal strips! I suffer greatly from blackheads on my nose and big pores on my cheeks (foundation never sits right so any advice would be appreciated on that front lol!) so I thought I would give these a go! I have only used them once so cannot say a great deal however they did what they stated and removed a lot of dirt, however they are £7.99 which is a bit pricey in my opinion so I hope to have better results as I use them more :) The Vaseline moisturiser has probably been my favourite purchase! Rachael recommended this and whilst she has the Aloe Vera version I picked up the cocoa radiant one (slightly obsessed!) and this is fantastic! I cant praise it enough! Although it is £4.99 a can it has helped improved the look of patches of Psoriasis I have on my elbow and knee and it is also easy to apply (spray on) and non-greasy! Waste no more money on millions of moisturisers just buy this one!

My final purchases were the real techniques miracle complexion sponge, Loreal true match foundation, true match concealer stick and Loreal lumi magique concealer and brightener! The real techniques sponge is a repurchase and I love this sponge! I love anything from real techniques really lol! I think it is designed to be a cheaper version of the beauty blender and it works beautifully at applying foundation when it is wet, would highly recommend this! The lumi magique concealer is also a repurchase and I mainly use this to brighten (not conceal) my under eye area as I don't feel it has enough coverage for me as a concealer but it is effective at brightening :) The last of my purchases were probably the most disappointing to be honest. I again have heard about Loreal true match foundation for a while and from American youtubers the true match concealer stick however I don't feel they have great coverage! Again this may be because I like a heavy coverage but I found the texture of the true match concealer very runny and thin and the true match concealer very hard to spread so I was disappointed and wouldn't rush out to buy any of those again!

What have been your new favourite purchases lately? Any must have's? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading :)


Monday, 21 October 2013

Castle Court Student Discount Night

Image courtesy of The Belfast Telegraph

Last week Castle Court had a student discount night with the majority of shops offering larger student discount than normal. Some of the shops that were taking part included; Miss Selfridge, New Look, Holland and Barrett, Superdrug, among many others.

The night started from 5pm until 9pm with music and competitions from Northern Ireland's biggest radio station Cool FM. The first 500 students there received a Student Survival Kit and were automatically entered into a competition to win a free holiday to Rhodes or a free Ipad mini. (Both of which I unfortunately didn't win, boooo!).

At the start of the night I picked up my complimentary Student Survival Kit which included the following items;

Tin of beans.
Energy drink.
Toilet Roll.

I think any student will agree that this is a pretty staple survival kit. Although it isn't exactly glamorous it contains the main neccessities that are needed on a daily basis.

I have never actually heard of the "Evolve" energy drink but I am drinking it as I write this post. It tastes nice, however, I think all energy drinks tend to taste the same and they all taste like Red Bull!

While browsing the shops in Castle Court I was approached by a journalist and photographer from The Belfast Telegraph for a style spotter type section of the paper. I don't think I have ever been in the paper before so it was really exciting although really strange to see myself! I even had a man come up to me while I was in the library and ask if he had seen me in the paper that morning!

There's me peeking in above Rory McIlroy's head!




Image courtesy of The Belfast Telegraph
Crop top - New Look
Tartan Skater Skirt - Primark
Messenger Bag - River Island
Biker Boots - New Look

The Fashion Spy article is also online here if you would like to read the full feature!

I had a great time at the Castle Court Student Discount night and picked up a few clothing items which I will be featuring in outfit posts in the near future :)

                                                                                        Rachael x

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Random Favourites

As it's coming into the Autumn/Fall time I thought I would share my random favourites with you at the moment. This is undoubtedly my favourite time of the year, I'm appreciating the crappy Northern Ireland weather again, hope you enjoy :) 

1. Barry M Gelly Polish in Satsuma

I love this shade for the autumn, I'm really into my dark polishes and orange/red polishes at this time of the year :)
2. Halloween Décor

I become a little bit obsessed when it comes to festive decorating, I've recently decorated my room for Halloween, I got these two tea light holders in Poundland for a £1 each, a complete bargain!
3. Lucky Charms

I may have nearly had heart palpitations when I discovered my local Tesco Express was now carrying Lucky Charms for £4! Until recently in Belfast we had to pay around £7 for a box, couldn't be happier these are back, so yummy!
4. Arctic Monkeys - AM Album
Have not stopped listening to the new Arctic Monkeys album since it was released on Monday, being a die hard fan I will never be disappointed at anything they produce and in my opinion this is one of their best :)
5. Eminem
Another rediscovered love in music this month has been Eminem with his new album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 being released in November, in particular his extremely early stuff. Every now and again I will go on marathons of listening to him non stop. Definitely not an artist for the easily offended or offended by cursing to say the least but without a doubt one of my all time favourite artists.
6. Life is Sweet
If you live in Belfast or you are planning to visit, I highly recommend you check out Sarah Smallwood at the Life is Sweet stall in St Georges Market on a Sunday or have a peek at her site LifeIsSweet. I have followed her Facebook page for a while now and always wanted to try her stuff.  A few weeks back I finally went to the market and picked up some of her baked goods including red velvet cupcakes and snickers brownies, this girl is an amazing baker, I highly recommend her!
Well that's all my favourites for the minute :) I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know down below what you are loving lately :)
Love Amy x

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Lipsy Bow Sunglasses

Sunglasses      Lipsy London - Avon £18

I had been seeing these sunglasses by Lipsy London featured over and over again in the recent Avon brochures. Although I did fall in love with them the first time I saw them I was undecided whether to buy them for two reasons.

1. I have a pair of RayBan Aviators & a pair of RayBan Wayfarers which have pretty much been my two staple pair of sunglasses for the past few years. and 2. We don't get a lot of sun here in the UK so the use of sunglasses is very limited. However, they kept cropping up in each brochure I read and as time went on I felt myself giving in to temptation. In the end I decided to buy them as they are very different from my 2 pairs of RayBan's. I don't own a pair of large or oversized sunglasses so I felt this justified the purchase. When I have a pair of sunglasses I will keep them for a good number of years as well and I don't really tend to buy a new pair each summer, I just reuse the ones I have. Another reason I just couldn't pass them up was the fact that they were reduced from £40 to £18!! And no girl can resist a bargain!

    The sunglasses have black lenses, pale sugarpink legs and gold hardware. In the brochure it said to allow up to 6 weeks for the sunglasses to be delivered but mine came within 2 weeks. They came in this beautiful metallic gold case, which has "Lipsy London" written in purply pink writing along with the signature "L " logo.             

Inside the case are the sunglasses and a little handkerchief for cleaning the lenses.

On the frames of the lenses there is gold hardware and on the legs of the glasses are a beautiful gold bow. I think the detailling of the bow is very delicate and just adds a lovely extra something to the glasses.


The bottom of the right lense has the signature logo (pictured left). And located on the bottom of the right leg is "Lipsy London" in white lettering (pictured right).

 The inside of the case is a bright pink and says "Catch some rays" in gold. 

The handkerchief is plain white with the logo of the L embossed on it and on the bottom right corner is Lipsy London  along with the website in pink writing. 

 Unlike the typical UK weather, it has been quite sunny recently and I have actually got the chance to wear these on several occassions which I am pleased about as I thought buying them late August I would not get the chance to wear them until next summer. I would really recommend these sunglasses as I think they are the perfect oversized pair and I am completely in love with all the little detailling on the glasses, case and handkerchief. Good job on these Lipsy & Avon!


                                                                                                                          Rachael x

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Raspberry Ruffle Cupcakes

Baking has started to become a real hobby for me and what better time than the summer holidays to fill your days with baking.  Today I want to share a Raspberry Ruffle Cupcake recipe with you.. hope you enjoy :)

Vanilla Cupcakes (Makes 12)                                           
115g Self Raising Flour
115g Caster Sugar
115g Butter (Softened)
2 Eggs (Lightly Beaten)
1 TSP Vanilla Extract
1 TBSP milk

Raspberry Buttercream
4-5 Cups of Icing Sugar
1 Cup of Salted Butter
200g Raspberries
4-5 tablespoons Double Cream
Bag of Raspberry Ruffle Sweets

1.Preheat your oven to 180oC and
line a bun tray with 12 paper cases.
2. Using a mixer and a large bowl,  
beat together the butter and caster
sugar until pale, light and fluffy.
3. Gradually beat in the eggs, a little
bit at a time, then beat in the vanilla

4. Using a spoon gently fold in the
flour until thoroughly incorporated.
5. Add the milk and gently fold into
the mixture.
6. The mixture should now be smooth and drop easily from a spoon.  Now spoon the mixture into your bun cases.

7. Bake in your preheated oven for
around 15-20 minutes until golden
in colour and firm to the touch.
8. Leave to cool for around 10 minutes and then transfer to a cooling rack.
Buttercream Method

1. Whilst buns are in the oven heat a
saucepan over a medium/low and add the raspberries.
2. Continue to crush them with the
back of a spoon until they turn into
a sauce.
3. Take off the heat and put through
a sieve to remove any unwanted seeds.
4. Leave to cool completely before using.
5. When buns and raspberry juice has cooled you can now work on your buttercream base.
6. Cream the butter and add the icing sugar (about a cup at a time), when incorporated add in the raspberry juice (about a teaspoon at a time) - please note- don't add too much or your buttercream will be difficult to pipe, you want to keep it stiff around 3 teaspoons should suffice.
7. Now your buttercream is ready
to pipe onto your buns, decorate
how you wish and top with some
raspberry ruffle sweets :)

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and let me know if you try it out or if there is any recipe you swear by :)

Amy x

Friday, 26 July 2013

Purple Passion

 I have purchased a lot of new make up and beauty products lately so I decided to do a makeup tutorial using some of the new additions to my make up collection.

I am very versatile when it comes to makeup and fashion and love exploring other styles rather than just having one particular style and sticking to it. On the day that I did this makeup I was in a grungey-rock type of mood so I teamed my makeup to suit that. 

Face - Using a Real Techniques foundation brush, I applied a small amount of Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. I think this is the perfect foundation for me as my skin does not need a lot of coverage and this gives me a light and natural effect. Then I took a Real Techniques contour brush and highlighted my cheekbones with Benefit's Hoola bronzer. Because my skintone is very pale I blended the bronzer in with a buffing brush also by Real Techniques.

Eyes - Firstly, taking my Color Riche Le Kohl eyeliner by L'Oreal, I drew a smooth line across my top lashes and lid. The next product I used was a creaseless cream shadow by Benefit which is a very pale, shimmery baby pink. I covered my whole lid with this shadow and then used a blending brush to smudge the line of eyeliner over the cream shadow to create a darker colour. For my lashes I applied a coat each of They're Real by Benefit and Lash Architect 4D by L'Oreal. To make my eyes stand out for a more dramatic effect I also decided to wear a pair of false eyelashes by Eylure Naturalities. To finish my eyes I added a coat of mascara to my bottom lashes and applied eyeliner to my waterline. 

Lips - I love a bold lip colour and I think that a dramatic lip can transform any outfit. Anytime I go out I really like my lips to stand out. I'm not afraid to try new colours on my lips and I had been searching for the perfect purple lipstick for a long time! In the end I decided to try MAC Up the Amp and I absolutely adore it. It is one of MAC's "amplified" lipsticks which is very pigmented but can be softened by blotting it after application or can be built up for a more dramatic effect. I think this was the perfect lipstick to use for my grungey-rock look and it makes a nice change from the typical statement red lip. 

Swatch of MAC Up the Amp & Benefit Bikni Tini Cream Shadow (which is barely noticeable against my skintone)

Below are a list of the products I have used to achieve this look ;

Make up bag - Ted Baker
Make up brushes - Real Techniques
Benefit kit - The Bronze of Champions


Foundation - Bourjois "Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation" in shade 53 Light Beige
Mascara - Benefit "They're Real" and L'Oreal "Lash Architect 4D"
Bronzer - Benefit "Hoola"
Eyeliner - L'Oreal "Color Riche Le Khol" in 101 Midnight Black
Eyeshadow - Benefit "Creaseless Cream Shadow" in Bikini Tini
Eyelashes - Eylure Naturalities 
Lipstick - MAC "Up the Amp"

Benefit "The Bronze of Champions" Kit

Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this make up look. If you would like a full review of any of the beauty products that I have used then let me know in the comments and I will do a separate post on them. Thanks for reading.

                                                                                                                   Rachael  x