Saturday, 7 September 2013

Lipsy Bow Sunglasses

Sunglasses      Lipsy London - Avon £18

I had been seeing these sunglasses by Lipsy London featured over and over again in the recent Avon brochures. Although I did fall in love with them the first time I saw them I was undecided whether to buy them for two reasons.

1. I have a pair of RayBan Aviators & a pair of RayBan Wayfarers which have pretty much been my two staple pair of sunglasses for the past few years. and 2. We don't get a lot of sun here in the UK so the use of sunglasses is very limited. However, they kept cropping up in each brochure I read and as time went on I felt myself giving in to temptation. In the end I decided to buy them as they are very different from my 2 pairs of RayBan's. I don't own a pair of large or oversized sunglasses so I felt this justified the purchase. When I have a pair of sunglasses I will keep them for a good number of years as well and I don't really tend to buy a new pair each summer, I just reuse the ones I have. Another reason I just couldn't pass them up was the fact that they were reduced from £40 to £18!! And no girl can resist a bargain!

    The sunglasses have black lenses, pale sugarpink legs and gold hardware. In the brochure it said to allow up to 6 weeks for the sunglasses to be delivered but mine came within 2 weeks. They came in this beautiful metallic gold case, which has "Lipsy London" written in purply pink writing along with the signature "L " logo.             

Inside the case are the sunglasses and a little handkerchief for cleaning the lenses.

On the frames of the lenses there is gold hardware and on the legs of the glasses are a beautiful gold bow. I think the detailling of the bow is very delicate and just adds a lovely extra something to the glasses.


The bottom of the right lense has the signature logo (pictured left). And located on the bottom of the right leg is "Lipsy London" in white lettering (pictured right).

 The inside of the case is a bright pink and says "Catch some rays" in gold. 

The handkerchief is plain white with the logo of the L embossed on it and on the bottom right corner is Lipsy London  along with the website in pink writing. 

 Unlike the typical UK weather, it has been quite sunny recently and I have actually got the chance to wear these on several occassions which I am pleased about as I thought buying them late August I would not get the chance to wear them until next summer. I would really recommend these sunglasses as I think they are the perfect oversized pair and I am completely in love with all the little detailling on the glasses, case and handkerchief. Good job on these Lipsy & Avon!


                                                                                                                          Rachael x


  1. Beautiful sunnies, and the lipstick color is so original! :)


  2. you look great :)

  3. Lovely pictures, and the sunglasses are beautiful!~ *u* <3

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    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  4. I wish i could pull off sunglasses ! my face is just way to small

  5. super cute ! ;D

  6. Oh, those are really cute! Love your lipstick here, too - such a pretty shade of purple!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

  7. Hi!! your sunglasses are so cute!! love it! Kisses!! :)

  8. Chic! Those new sunglasses look really chic! I think you made a very good decision of buying them. These will definitely spice up your wardrobe from your usual aviators and wayfarers. We don’t really need that much sun to strut good style, so as long as it’s a clear day, don’t be afraid to show your shades off! Haha.

    Joann Sherman