Sunday, 15 September 2013

Random Favourites

As it's coming into the Autumn/Fall time I thought I would share my random favourites with you at the moment. This is undoubtedly my favourite time of the year, I'm appreciating the crappy Northern Ireland weather again, hope you enjoy :) 

1. Barry M Gelly Polish in Satsuma

I love this shade for the autumn, I'm really into my dark polishes and orange/red polishes at this time of the year :)
2. Halloween Décor

I become a little bit obsessed when it comes to festive decorating, I've recently decorated my room for Halloween, I got these two tea light holders in Poundland for a £1 each, a complete bargain!
3. Lucky Charms

I may have nearly had heart palpitations when I discovered my local Tesco Express was now carrying Lucky Charms for £4! Until recently in Belfast we had to pay around £7 for a box, couldn't be happier these are back, so yummy!
4. Arctic Monkeys - AM Album
Have not stopped listening to the new Arctic Monkeys album since it was released on Monday, being a die hard fan I will never be disappointed at anything they produce and in my opinion this is one of their best :)
5. Eminem
Another rediscovered love in music this month has been Eminem with his new album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 being released in November, in particular his extremely early stuff. Every now and again I will go on marathons of listening to him non stop. Definitely not an artist for the easily offended or offended by cursing to say the least but without a doubt one of my all time favourite artists.
6. Life is Sweet
If you live in Belfast or you are planning to visit, I highly recommend you check out Sarah Smallwood at the Life is Sweet stall in St Georges Market on a Sunday or have a peek at her site LifeIsSweet. I have followed her Facebook page for a while now and always wanted to try her stuff.  A few weeks back I finally went to the market and picked up some of her baked goods including red velvet cupcakes and snickers brownies, this girl is an amazing baker, I highly recommend her!
Well that's all my favourites for the minute :) I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know down below what you are loving lately :)
Love Amy x


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  2. AM is such a good album. Great post xx

  3. I love your nail polish shade so pretty :D x

  4. I've not tried Lucky Charms but I've heard fab things about them! Definitely going to see if my local Tesco has them :) Raspberrykiss xo

  5. I LOVE the Barry M gelly nail varnish I have two of them and will buy all of them if I can haha